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Interview with Henry Roberts


The interview with Henry Roberts recorded on 30 August 2012 at No. 7 Evenden Road, Meopham. The interviewer was Roy Cook.

Personal details

Aged 91, born 30/6/1921, in Newtonards, N. Ireland. Father English, Mother Irish. When 5 y.o. moved to Hull. Father died 1929 result of being gassed in First World War. Mother and three children moved to London for work. Lived in East Molsey.


Detailed Prep. and Boarding School education, left school at 18.

Military Service

Joined the Army in 1939. Demobbed in 1945 as a Captain, having married.


Decided to try farming, joined mother and step-father at Ham Farm, Harvel in 1947 to assist with running small holding. Left to work with a local Nurseryman, did not like the job, tried other jobs finally applying for Temporary Position at Selfridges in London. Made redundant after 25 years. First wife having died, he married Joy, a Selfridges buyer and bought a shop in West Malling. Retired at 70.


After Ham Farm, had moved to a Council house in Evenden Road, Meopham in the early 50s.


Joined Harvel Cricket Club in 1947. Anecdote as to how he joined the Dramatic Society (Meopham Players) in 1949.


Left Harvel Cricket Club and joined Meopham C.C. He details team, position played and reason for giving up.

Dramatic Society (1)

He has stayed with the Meopham Players, listing his performances and plays, explaining his involvement. Support for the Meopham Players was good, improved by a drinks licence. He lists the number of Panto performances and states the Players were self-supporting with additional help for specific equipment from the Lottery. He suggests that Dr R Kagan and others might be approached for their involvement and also for memorabilia.


He comments on the changes over the years including the increase in the population and the new buildings.


He speaks of the local bus service and his journey to London by train.

Positions held at Selfridges

He listed the positions he had held until leaving.

Dramatic Society 2

He has not had time to be involved with any other organisation but he remembered the Players making recordings for the Historical Society. He ended by detailing the next production, exhibited a copy of the Meopham Players Constitution and stating how very rewarding it was when the audience enjoyed their performance.

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