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Interview with Joan Goodwins


The interview with Joan Goodwins was recorded on 11th April 2013 at her home in Cheyne Walk, Meopham. The interviewer was Sheila Bodiam.

Personal details

Joan Goodwins was born in Gravesend, 4th June 1943. Born 26th February 1926 in Sutton Coalfield, where she lived when child. 

Move to Meopham

Moved to Cheyne Walk, Meopham in 1963 with a friend. Mentions the move and the reason for choosing Meopham.

Shops at Meopham Station and Parade

Mentions the various shops at the station end of the village as well as the Parade. 

The Shop in the Street

Elizabeth House, originally the workhouse. Mentions the owners. 

Shops on Green

Mentions various shops and also the baker who roasted turkeys at Christmas. 

Meopham Station

Parking in front of the station. 


Buses but never used them. 

Employment in Village

Several plant nurseries. Waller Calor gas production. 


House at station end of village, owned by Rosemary Storr who was Girl Guide Commissioner. After she died the house turned into nursing home. Talks about other families in village. 


First few years in village was working as teacher at Rochester so had little time for social life. 


Joined Meopham Historical Society in ca 1980. There was Cricket on the Green, football and band at Culverstone.

Vicars and Vicarage

Vernon Nicholls was popular – arrived at end of war. Joan started a diploma in local history and Rev. Giles allowed her to work on the parish records in vestry. Mentioned the new and old vicarages and occupants. 

Membership of MHS

Different meeting places. After completed diploma in 1987 was asked to become vice-chairman of MHS. 

Changes in Village

Creation and development of Secondary school. Introduction of new surgery next to school. Spoke of old surgery and the doctors there. Increased housing. 

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