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Interview with June Gibbs
Interview by Ann Kneif on 13/08/2012

This is a summary of an interview with June Gibbs, born Redsell, recorded on 3rd January 2013 at her house in Whitehill Road. The interviewer was Ann Kneif.

Personal details

June Gibbs was born on 26th August 1924 in London where her mother had returned for the birth, although they lived in Round Street, Cobham. Father was a market gardener. Moved to Meopham in 1949 when she married.


Childhood memories of school in Cobham.

Leaving school just before WW2

Wanted to study catering but war stopped plans and went to work in a grocer shop in Gravesend. Meeting husband.

Father and market garden

Father took produce to Gravesend with horse and cart. During war employed Land Girl and some prisoners of war. Speaks of accommodation for Land Girls in Meopham.

Marriage and family

Married in 1949 and had two daughters.


Buses in Meopham.

Shops and shopping

Shops in the village and the service they offered.

Post Office

When children were older she went to work at the Post Office opposite The George. Speaks about a robbery at the Post Office.

Clubs and Societies

Meopham & Nurstead WI, Gardeners and Meopham Historical Society.

Village celebrations

Fete at Judson's and the tea tent. Coronation watched on aunt's TV.

Farmers in village

Incident with Colonel Edmeades when caught picking violets.

Changes in village

Traffic, shops closed and new houses.

Wrotham Hill camp

Sister went to dances at village hall where army went.

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