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Interview with Peter Hasler

The interview with Peter Hasler was recorded in Meopham on Wednesday 27 March 2013. The interviewer was Roy Cook.

Personal details

Peter, aged 73, was born two or three weeks after the beginning of World War 2 in a house at Hook Green named "Cleaverly".

Memories of WW2

He recalls seeing a "dog fight" (between a German and British fighter plane) over the Meopham Railway Station and the position of air defences. He mentions houses and a cow shed on the Green that were bombed.

Father's profession

His father was one of two Village Doctors. He was the senior Partner; his other Partner was Dr Ilderton [interviewee later amended the name to Reg Ilderton], who lived in the surgery at "Homefield".


From the age of six until he was nine, he attended school in Rochester, travelling unescorted by train. At nine years he attended a boarding school in Westgate on Sea called Canterbury House. He stated that the Head Master was ex-military with a Military Cross and mentioned the Head's family [the interviewee added the family name of Bury]. Peter, at the age of thirteen, was then sent to the Tonbridge School.


Nothing specific when young, just general games with friends


Met his wife, Dean, and was married in 1965 and moved to Orpington. Had two sons and moved back to Meopham in 2001.

Parish Council

He was elected to the Parish Council in 2003

Social activities/clubs etc.

None as such when young. [Interviewee later added his adult interest as the Meopham Probus and Poult Wood Golf Club].

Changes to Meopham

When he was a teenager the total population had been about 2,500 but now after extensive building it is approximately 9,000.


He spoke of numerous shops, remembering both the owners and what they sold.

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